Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who I am and what my mission is:

How it began:
My friend and I were sitting in a local pizza joint enjoying two delicious slices of pizza and she started asking me about places to go on a date with her boyfriend and I found myself rambling off places to go. She just stared at me and that's when it hit me... I'm a wealth of information about things to do in the valley. When I was in my senior year of high school,  I started getting restless being stuck in Arizona, so I started trying random, weird things and places to eat. Then, I went to New York for a semester, came back and realized I could find the culture I loved in New York in Arizona. So now I try to go to different places and give my friends recommendations on what to do. So why not create a blog about it for others to enjoy?

How it's going to work:
I'm going to post reviews of places to eat and go and what you can do that's a little more complex than a movie and Applebee's. I'll organize them by price, rating and type of activity it is so you can access the site quickly and efficiently to find what you need!

What I'm hoping this turns into:
I'm a person who's big on supporting small, local businesses. So, I have this dream that my website will help people get out and try places that aren't chains and become more cultured in the process. So, I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or suggestions, just email me at and I'd be glad to take care of it!


- Dani

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